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The Dye House

When the yarn arrives and colours have been chosen, we move to The Dye House. The smell of this place is so nostalgic for me. When I was little, my Dad used to take me around the mill after school. I always loved seeing all of the processes. The Dye House was my favourite because it was so colourful.

A first glimpse of colour

The cashmere fibre is dyed in huge machines. This fibre is being dyed navy blue (with still some time to go).

It might not be the most glamorous part of the process, but this is where the raw cashmere fibre really starts to resemble the finished product as you get a first glimpse of the colour.

Removing excess water

Once the fabric has been dyed, it enters one of these huge Stalam textile dryers to get rid of all the excess water.


Rosie Sugden

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