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Sustainably made in Scotland


The expertise of the textiles workforce in the Scottish Borders has been handed down from generation to generation. “Made in Scotland” is a stamp of quality known around the world and we're honoured our products have this cachet.


All of my products are made from 2ply woollen-spun cashmere yarn. The fibre used is 100% Mongolian raw material from the upper grasslands of Alashan in Inner Mongolia. In April of each year, the fibre is gently combed from the underbelly of the cashmere goats before being sorted, washed and de-haired.

The raw material is always dyed in open fibre form to ensure the softest handle and brightest hue.



Whilst many of our products are knitted on high-tech Shima machines, we remain committed to finishing everything by hand. All our products are linked and the ends hand sewn by our experienced team in our mill in the Scottish Borders.




Rosie Sugden

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