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Recipe Room

Every year, my yarn supplier shares a new shade card. This is their equivalent of a lookbook, detailing the available colours for that year. It's extensive—each season around 50-70 colours are added. These colours are designed and tested in the Recipe Room.

From fuschia to blush

Here are the Pink archives. This folder (one of hundreds) shows every hue previously used and designed by the team at the mill. It's a really wonderful reference point, celebrating the range of shades you can create.

Creating new colours

This blue piece of fluff may look like leftover debris, but I was shown how it can be used to mix colours and ascertain specific recipes.

Recipes are calculated in percentages. The knitted swatch you see is a shade called Lapis. I was shown how using percentages of white, blue and black, you can achieve this glorious shade.


Rosie Sugden

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