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Fibre Origin

All of my products are made from 2ply woollen-spun cashmere yarn. The fibre used is 100% Mongolian raw material from the upper grasslands of Alashan in Inner Mongolia. In April of each year, the fibre is gently combed from the underbelly of the cashmere goats before being sorted, washed and de-haired.

A spectrum of colour awaits

The raw material is always dyed in open fibre form to ensure the softest handle and brightest hue.

Cashmere goats come in a variety of colours, varying from this very light shade to a much darker brown.

The lighter cashmere is slightly more expensive and usually dyed into light shades, such as ivory and pastels. The darker cashmere is less expensive and dyed into darker shades, such as black and navy.

Large bales

The raw material arrives in the UK in these large bales. This may be the most exciting "unboxing" experience there is!


Rosie Sugden

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